TreeARC is an architectural and landscape design practice located in Melbourne and Daylesford,  Central Victoria. Concentrating on the needs of those looking for a well-designed place to live amongst the trees. This place is both the built forms – the house & other structures – and the surrounding plants & spaces.

On small to medium-sized properties, choices need to be made about the location of services, trees & other plants, fences, roads plus the positioning of the house and other buildings.

In order to make an attractive and practical place to live, many factors such as access to sunlight, the maintenance of views, and the control of wind must be considered. The total arrangement of built and plant forms needs to be integrated into an effective whole.

Usually creating this attractive space does not require costly additional elements. But it is more a case of carefully considering the whole arrangement and understanding how each element fits into the overall scheme.

Good architectural and landscape design advice can make the difference between a chaotic arrangement ill-suited to the location & your needs, and an attractive, satisfying place to live.

The principal of the practice, Robin Larsen, has extensive experience developing rural properties and, as an architect, designing a variety of houses in regional Victoria.